Make the right connections with adapters for every application including AV, fiber, industrial, modular, and gender changers.

Adapters Audio
Make audio connections with RCA, banana plugs, and 3.5-mm stereo adapters. 
Adapters DB25
Build your own DB25 adapters with these hood kits. 
Adapters Gender Changers


Find the right adapter for DB9 to DB9, DB25, and RJ connections.
Adapters Fiber
Choose from LC, SC, and ST adapters. Or build your own with handy kits.
Adapters Gender Changers
Always make the right connection with gender changes for Centronics, DB, HD, Mini DIN, and USB connectors. 
Adapters Mini DIN
Find 4-, 5-, 6-, and 8-pin DIN connectors and adapters.
Adapters Modular
Adapters and for RJ connections. 
Adapters Null Modem
Connect serial devices over short distances without line drivers. 
Adapters Parallel Serial
Adapt parallel and serial connections. 
Adapters Port Protectors
Protect ports from the stress of plugging and unplugging. 
Adapters SCSI
Make legacy SCSI connections. 
Adapters Telco
Consolidate telco connections. 
Adapters Video
Find the right connector, coupler, or adapter for RCA, cable, BNC, DisplayPort, DVI, HDMI, and other video connections. 

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