Choose from a wide selection for GigaStation, Gigastation2, GigaStation Plus wallplates, as well as stainless, shielded, A/V, and other wallplates. Custom wallplates are available with custom punches and custom connectors for specific applications, such as multimedia.

These shielded wallplates are designed to provide optimal outlet separation to reduce Alien Crosstalk. 
Mount modular couplers on the wall or in a surface-mount boxes.
Easy A/V
Use these stylish boxed to easily embed ports and a power outlet in a conference room table. 
Furniture Plates
Sleek faceplates for modern office workstations. 
GigaStation wall plates work with GigaTrue® CAT6 jacks, GigaBase® CAT5e jacks, Giga-style USOC and CAT3 jacks, and GigaStation snap fittings. 
GigaStation Front-Loading Modular
GigaStation front-loading modular wall plates work with GigaTrue® CAT6 jacks and GigaBase® CAT5e jacks. 
Wallplate is designed for our made-in-the-USA Giga Plus line and holds GigaTrue® Plus CAT6 jacks and GigaBase Plus CAT5e jacks.
GigaStation wall plates work with GigaTrue® CAT6 jacks, GigaBase® CAT5e jacks, Giga2-style USOC and CAT3 jacks, GigaStation2 snap fittings, and CAT5e/CAT6 couplers. 
A collection of outlet jack frames and wallplate inserts. 
Stainless is ideal for clean rooms, medical, labs, and food-service facilities. Choose a pre-punched wall plate or custom-design your own. They can also be be pre-configured with connectors. 
Value Line
Basic, single-gang Black Box Connect wallplates with one to four ports. Choose from ivory or white. 

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