Environmental Monitoring

The AlertWerks™ ServSensor Environmental Monitoring System consists out of base units or Monitoring Hubs and probes or Intelligent Sensors. This system enables you to actively monitor the conditions in your rack, server room, data centre or anywhere else you need to protect critical assets. Use it for remote monitoring and management of a wide range of devices such as HVAC systems, security equipment (f.e. cameras), UPSs, generators, and industrial equipment. Conditions monitored include extreme temperatures, humidity, power spikes and surges, water leaks, smoke and chemical materials. With proper environmental monitoring, you're alerted to any conditions that could have an adverse effect on your mission-critical equipment.

AlertWerks Sensor Hubs
A ServSensor Hub is the brains of your environmental monitoring system. Attach  sensors, and set it to notify you of alarms. 
AlertWerks Power Sensors
Manage and monitor power with switches, dry-contact sensors, IO sensors, split-core current transformers and voltage sensors.
AlertWerks Security Sensors
Protect your premises with security cameras, smoke detectors, motion detectors, sirens, strobe lights and other security sensors.
AlertWerks Environmental
Monitor the environment with intelligent and daisychainable sensors for water, temperature, humidity, airflow, and more.

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